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Buffalo Alarm offers state of the art monitoring options that allow our customers to control all aspects of their home security system from near and far with a few swipes of their finger.

Automate your home by controlling everything from your energy consumption to your security system through your smart phone or computer. Our platforms allows customers to control things like heating/cooling, consumption of natural resources, lights, door locks, cameras and, of course, security.


We offer unique services such as geo fencing your smart phone to your home so our system knows when you’re coming and going and can make sure your home responds accordingly. Let our system remind you to lock the doors or close the garage in case you forget on your way out. When you’re coming home it can think ahead to turn your lights on and up the heat before you walk through the door. Our smart systems have got you covered.

Want to watch the home when you’re out of town? Or monitor your vacation property? Maybe you would like to see the kids arrive home safely from school while you’re at work? Allow our image sensors and cameras to put your mind at ease with up to the minute updates of the activity in your home while you’re away. The options on an automated system are truly limitless. Let us make your life easier, we’ve got you covered while you’re away.

Standard Home Security

Not interested in what an automated system has to offer? We also offer cost effective security only packages that can protect any size and style of home.

With our partners at interlogix we offer state of the art security systems that protect our clients while putting their minds at ease. Whether it’s a wireless or hard wired option, we can help you protect your home with a long lasting and economical security system. We have an array of panel and keypad options from standard low profile led keypads to sleek touchscreen units we can offer a setup that will match anyone’s style and any homes décor.

We have a robust product offering that includes door contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, sump pump alarms, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, CO detectors, key fobs for remote arming and disarming and many other unique devices to protect every aspect of your home.

Most insurance companies offer a discount on your home owners insurance for having a monitored security system that can help to mitigate most of the monthly cost. Call us today and we will have one of our certified security consultants come out and evaluate your situation and security needs with no commitment on your end. We want you to understand all of your options and feel secure in your choice of a security company.

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